Masters of Reading Spring 2022 Update

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The Master’s of Reading Education program has grown over the past few years and currently has 48 students enrolled (as of January 2022) with approximately 25 expected to graduate in May 2022. Most students in the 33-hour M.Ed. in Reading program move in a cohort taking two courses (6 hours) per semester and take two years to complete. Student feedback about the program from graduates provides insights into the strengths of the M.Ed. in Reading.

Spring 2021 graduates of the program who completed the program Exit Survey indicated a high-level of overall satisfaction with the M.Ed. in Reading Education program. All respondents to the survey indicated they strongly agreed or agreed tha they are “better able to have an impact on my students’ learning” (Figure 1). Similar numbers said they are better able to respond to needs of diverse learners (Figure 2). Student comments highlight program strengths. One student wrote that “Looking at data and making data based decisions as guided by the assignments in the final semesters of this program helped me target students needs in my current classroom.”

Figure 1. M.Ed. in Reading exit survey response on impact on student learning (Spring 2021)

Figure 2. M.Ed. in Reading exit survey response to ability to respond to needs of diverse students (Spring 2021)

All respondents strongly agreed or agreed they are “better equipped to meet the literacy and learning needs of my students” with the majority strongly agreeing (Figure 3). One respondent wrote that the “program offers strong support for students in literacy and research practices”

Figure 3. M.Ed. in Reading exit survey response on ability to meet literacy and learning needs of students (Spring 2021)

Students also shared their appreciation for the support and knowledge of faculty. Below are comments from the survey:

  • “Each one made an effort to connect with students and appreciate all of our efforts. Especially during this year of pandemic and uncertainty, they offered grace and understanding. The content of the program was timely and very informative. Learning research methods and new technology will always be helpful but I am quite thankful for the faculty.”
  • “The strengths of this program are professors who know their content and are able to help and guide students in the areas they need help in, and the compassion they show for their students to succeed.”
  • “The professors are phenomenal. I really enjoyed working with each of them. Their level of expertise when it comes to reading has made me feel more capable at my job. I also believe that I am now prepared to move up in my career as I have the skill set to do so.”

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